Butterfly Table Specialty

Butterfly Table Specialty - Butterfly table is a table with shape which desain rumah minimalis modern type 60 looks like a butterfly. Like butterfly that has wings, this table also has two sides on the left and right that could be folded. This table is really useful for small house and it is easy to use. This table usually have round, oval and square shapes and various sizes.

Butterfly table is very efficient, when you need to serve a lot of people; you just need to open the folded side. It will accommodate four to eight people in one table. If you don’t open the folded side, it will accommodate two to four people, it is depend on what size of table that you have.

Most of butterfly table is made from woods materials. The color could be various, from the natural color of wood, black or bright colors like white or red. There are many utilities of this table beside for dining table, you can also use this to group study, place the telephone or vase and use it as garden table. You can also read about glass dinning table in this site.

This table is really easy to use. You can folded the table when you have to keep it and need some space, or open the folded side when you need a large table to accommodate a lot of people. It is very flexible and cheaper than buying a large table. Furthermore, a large table uses a lot of space in your house. Butterfly table is very suitable for people who love simplicity and efficiency.